Police officers to attend funerals

The government has intensified measures to try and combat the spread of covid 19. It has been announced that police officers and officials from the ministry of health will be deployed to to funerals on order to monitor the number of people attending as well as adherence to safety measures.

The country now has over 2500 recorded cases of the virus. The number of local transmissions has also increased significantly. The issue has caused widespread panic. A lot of companies have been issuing official statements on their employees who have tested positive for covid 19. Another alarming fact is that neighbouring South Africa has seen an alarming increase in the number of recorded cases and multiple deaths. This has had a corresponding effect on the country.

The government recently announced that funeral attendees must no exceed 50 people. It has been noted that it is at these places that the risk of spreading the virus is high.

Another great risk is being created by people returning from other countries and later fleeing from quarantine centres. Others are paying their way into the country and not even going to these centres.

The recent announcement to deploy police officers and health officials to funerals have been hailed as a welcome development. Indiscipline has at times caused people to infect others with the virus. People at times forget to adhere to safety measures such as social distancing and sanitizing their hands.

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