Shadaya claims women get married for money

Shadaya, the famous online character has once again stirred controversy with a decent Instagram post. His recent sentiments have made him less popular with females. Shadaya said marriage is a trap in this morden world for women to milk men out of their hard earned cash. He labelled it a “sagacious methodology used by women to get wealth”.

The controversial social media influencer even gave examples of celebrities that are about to lose millions of dollars to their exes including Dr Dre and Black Coffee. He also queried why men had not yet woken up to the realisation that women were in it for financial gain.

These views were totally disregarded by most women who believe Shadaya merely likes to serve punches on them. This is not the first time that Shadaya has exchanged words with female followers.

While some people agreed with him on the issue of men losing their wealth to women, others reprimanded him for having no respect for the marriage institution. A plethora of mixed reactions flooded social media but the general assessment was that women were not impressed with his views. Some even claimed they made more money than their husbands hence they could take care of themselves upon divorce.

Shadaya rose to fame after taking a dig at female celebrities. He fired shots at Olinda Chapel, Misred and several other women a few months ago making him one of the most loathed personalities on social media. At one point, Olinda had to clap back and advise him to take a step back.

Whatever his intentions this time around were, Shadaya certainly captured the attention of most women, in particular those that are married

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