#Simba Java challenge sends social media into overdrive

The latest challenge on social media has indeed dominated online space. The #Simba Java challenge has blown the internet with various people posting videos of themselves imitating the brother of prophet Passion Java, one Simba. The whole saga started when Simba claimed that he was living like a pauper in South Africa and going to bed hungry at a time his rich brother was busy buying his wife a Lamborghini.

Simba said Passion had disregarded him and neglected him hence the reason for his suffering. Simba pleaded with people to help him with funds. He later on made allegations that Passion was not a true prophet and was in the habit of using some special juju to perform miracles. This led to a social media challenge in which Passion promised to give ten lucky winners a hundred US dollars each if they were able to imitate his brother

Videos of people acting as Simba and pleading for help have since flooded the internet. Some have been recorded in scotch carts while others have out in rags to depict Simba’s situation. Even women have been taking part in the challenge.

Another brother to prophet Passion took to social media to clarify on the issue. He said Simba was a troublemaker and had been given a lot of money several times but had spent all of it on alcohol and women.

Prophet Passion must have really been hurt by the remarks made by his brother to the point of offering money to those that can imitate him and make a mockery of his own family.

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