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Teen commits suicide. Body found hanging from a tree

A 21 year old youth was found hanging on a tree in a vlei in Avondale.The boy, who had been identified as Tawanda Brandon Dzikiti, was found lifelessly hanging onto a tree by a passerby. The horrific incident attracted scores of people who soon flooded the scene to see Brandon’s body dangling from the tree.

According to one of the eyewitnesses at the scene who spoke, Brandon was quite popular with his peers.“This is painful my dear, we used to club with this boy and he never shared with us his issues,“Kana kuri kunzi akamitisa musikana haaifanira kusvika pakudaro tiripo wani isu shamwari dzake uye vamwe vakagarisana mudzimba umu pasina chakabviswa,” Cases of young people ending their lives have become common in the country and the trend is quite disturbing.

Nyasha Chaparadza, Brandon’s cousin said she saw him around 8pm on Monday and he was very drunk.“I last spoke to him around 8pm when he came drunk holding some fluorescent bulbs,”“Upon asking him about the bulbs he said he wanted to sell them achiti aive nechipande chaakaramba kundiudza.She said she started living with him when he was in form 4 and he was already struggling with substance abuse then.“His mother, who is based in England, used to send some money to him but she stopped over his abuse of drugs”.

She said she didn’t check inside his room that evening and was only informed about his demise by vendors the next day.The police hadn’t released a statement at the time of going to press.

Last year a young student also ended his life by jumping from a third floor balcony at Rezende parkade. Young people really need guidance and counselling as small issues might coerce them to commit suicide

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