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“There is no surprise at the grave” Madam boss

Madam boss was all emotional as she visited her mother’s grave recently. The comedian and entrepreneur advised people to take care of their parents while they are still alive. She shared some pictures of herself by her mother’s graveside and captioned,”Do the best for your parents whilst they are living…There is no surprise at the grave”.

Madam boss often speaks about her late mother. Whenever she accomplishes something or receives an endorsement she usually wishes her mother was alive. She also often describes her mother as a strong woman who was able to raise her well.

Most people agreed with the comedian on the issue of one taking good care of parents. They said it is not good for people to live with regret for not having spared some money or time to take care of their parents. The issue also boils down to religion wherein even the Bible encourages people to honour their parents while in the African traditional system parents are seen as the most important part of the social strata.

Madam boss is an accomplished comedian, business woman, brand ambassador and actress among many other talents. She has become very famous for her versatility and being able to nail different roles. This has led to getting various endorsements from top companies.

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