This picture has caused outrage on social media

This picture of a woman kneeling down in front of her son in her birthday suit has caused furore in social media. Most people have spoken out against the lady for showing off her nudity to such a young boy. Others have said it boarders between sexual abuse and witchcraft.

It is not quite clear in which context the image was taken but the rumour mill has it that this lady was doing a birthday shoot for his son and in order to visually highlight how he came into this world, she went nude.

Nudity seems to have become such a common thing nowadays with models, ordinary people and even church activists being caught without their clothes on. Social media has also become a roll through which people flaunt their names bodies. Movies and television ads have also added fuel to the fire.

The picture has caused so much outrage that people have been on a manhunt of the woman. What infuriated most people is the fact that there is a child involved.

The original picture shows the woman completely naked but social media users have been using several applications to dress the duo. Others have simply been colouring around the two to make it looks as if they are wearing something

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