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Top 5 most stylish female celebrities of 2020

2020 has seen celebrities strutting their stuff and showing off their glamorous looks on various platforms. A lot of fashion choices have been under scrutiny with some celebrities going out of their way to dress up in the most enticing way ever. We compile a list of the most stylish celebrities of 2020.

1 Pokello
The queen of swagger is no ordinary fashion icon. Pokello has been serving red hot looks this year. Women have been desperately trying to emulate her fashion choices making her our best choice on the best dressed women of 2020.

2 Queen Vee
Apart from winning a fashion award in South Africa and blowing us away with some unique costumes Queen Vee has also been shaping up the fashion world. Her red gown in the video Vavengi coupled with several other outfits made her one of the most sought after fashion icons in the country and beyond.

3 Tammy Moyo
Tammy has been serving us some eye candy with beautiful gowns and trendy casual wear in her music videos. The girl can rock a good look. She is always dressed to kill and has set her own fashion rules that most young people find appealing.

4 Madam boss
The hillarious comedian also knows a thing or two about fashion. Madam boss has been experimenting with different looks some of which have been said to be too revealing. The comedian’s curvy body have also made her a great model for beautiful clothes.

5 Misred
Yes, when it comes to plus size women, we choose Misred. She is not afraid to wear what she feels confident in. Misred has been wearing exquisite fashion pieces, showing us that thick ladies can rock anything. Misred is also famous for her diversity when it comes to clothing.

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