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Watch: Lady Bee stirs controversy yet again

Lady Bee was recently spotted having a good time with bae. The controversial zimdancehall chanter had all eyes glued on her as she and bae made out in front of everyone.

An image doing the rounds on social media shows her partner grabbing on to her boobs as she chuckles. The picture has caused outrage online with most people blasting the couple for failing to observe their serenity in public. Lady Bee is no stranger to controversy. She sent social media into overdrive a few weeks ago with a raunchy image in which she appeared almost naked.

Her music videos have also been cause for concern and most people have questioned whether she takes drugs or not. Lady Bee is no ordinary singer. She is clearly a performer who is not scared to step out of her comfort zone.

Nudity is also one element that is not scared of. The singer has been doing the rounds on the internet and is not even perturbed. Lady Bee is certainly living her best life without a care. In the picture she is seen being grabbed in front of other patrons. There is a table full of drinks and alcohol in front showing that the two had indeed gone to have some fun.

Lady Bee is one of the few female zimdancehall chanters. She rose to fame due to her dance moves and unapologetic costumes

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