9 ways to show your wife respect

  1. Do not do anything that you know will hurt her.

Be sensitive to your wife’s feelings. If you have been together for a long time, surely you already know her likes and dislikes. Respecting your wife means you will avoid doing the things you know will make her upset.

2. Do not shout at her.

Yelling at a woman is a sure sign of disrespect. As much as you would feel offended when shouted at, your wife would feel bad as well. No matter how angry you are, be sure to lower your voice whenever you talk to her.

3. Never fight with her in front of your kids or family.

Make it a rule in your marriage that you should not let your children or anyone from both of your families witness your fights. As a gentleman, you should not let anybody see that you are arguing with your wife because it could affect how others would treat her. Resolve your conflicts in private.

4. Be honest and transparent with her.

Another important rule that must be set in your relationship is honesty. If you respect your wife, you will not lie to her. Instead, you will be open and transparent about everything because you do not want to ruin her trust.

5. Do not treat her harshly.

A husband should be gentle with her wife. It is not enough that you do not shout at her. Avoid being rude to her even with your actions. Be a gentleman and always treat her with patience.

6. Never embarrass her in the public.

If you have a conflict, control yourself from arguing with her in the public. Also, no matter how much you disapprove of what she has done, never confront her in front of other people. Shaming her in the public is one of the most disrespectful acts you can do to your wife.

7. Treat her as an equal.

Yes, God has assigned the man to be the head or leader of the family, and the woman is meant to submit to him. However, this does not mean that the woman is a lesser human being. These roles are just meant to create order in the family. Just like how the president and the common people are entitled to the same rights under the law, men and women have equal human rights. Thus, treat your wife as to how you want to be treated as a person.

8. Never hurt her physically.

Of course, you will never abuse physically someone you respect. As a woman you honor, you would not dare to lay a hand on her.Allow her to speak her mind.
Even if you have different opinions or perspectives about things, be willing to hear your wife out.

9. Do not cut her off or tell her to shut up.

Even if you do not agree with what she says, be polite enough to listen to her thoughts.

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