Bev glows from marital bliss

Beverly Sibanda is clearly enjoying married life. The dancer has been posting a series of pictures on social media and it really shows that she is living it up with her husband. Bev shocked the whole country when she married her UK based doctor bae. No one has seen it coming.

Bev has been showing off her upgraded lifestyle. The dancer seems to be living pretty high. From expensive clothes to a new glow on her face Bev is proof that money can work wonders in a person’s life. She even claimed that she is being pampered by her husband early this year. Bev said she really feels sorry for fellow dancers who are unable to hold shows due to covid 19 but stated that she is fortunate enough to have a husband who spoils her. She also said she has been gaining weight due to her lavish lifestyle.

Bev is known for her raunchy dance moves. Even after getting married, she still claimed that she will not give up her dancing career. She has appeared on a number of music videos including Zvaunoita by Ricky fire. Her flexible body and impressive stamina have both given her an edge over other dancers thereby making her fans out amongst the rest.

Bev also sent social media into overdrive when she posted a rendition video of the song 50 magate. Most people said she had performed it better than Kikky badass who had been cast in the original video. As if that was not enough, Bev also caused furore at a live show held for prisoners by Sulumani Chimbetu at Chikurubi prison.

Most ladies can certainly take down some notes from Bev on how to get the ideal man who can make a woman glow as much as she is at the moment. Early this year, rumours had circulated that she was pregnant. It must have been the weight gain and natural glow that sparked such speculation but the dancer said she was not pregnant

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