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Chiyangwa’s tour of Ginimbi’s house causes furore

Most people have been talking about Ginimbi’s Domboshava mansion. The flamboyant businessman recently gave fellow businessman Phillip Chiyangwa a tour of his house. The video has caused a lot of commotion on social media and most people have been expressing envy at the posh house of the dark faced businessman.

Chiyangwa paid a visit to Ginimbi and had the opportunity to go through his house. He was shown around the greater part of the house including the interior as well as the exterior. To say the house is beautiful would be an understatement. Ginimbi is clearly living it up. Social media users had the opportunity to peep through his state of the art kitchen complete with all the works, his bedrooms, car port and study among other rooms. What could be depicted from the tour is that Ginimbi has a fine taste and high standards. His lavish lifestyle has been envied by many.

Some social media users and Ginimbi loyalists took this opportunity to get back at Passion Java and to show him that Ginimbi is indeed richer than the man of cloth. They called him “mbinga yemashuwa” and bragged that he is way better off than the loud mouthed man of God.

Ginimbi is well know in high society for his wealth. He has various business interests including a gas trading company and an upmarket club called Dreams. Some people actually confessed that they would rather leave their formal jobs to work as maids in his home

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