Econet employees exposed for selling e learning bundles on the black market

A recent article by Techzim revealed the rot at Econet and how employees at the telecommunications company are selling e learning bundles on the black market. It also unearthed how the employees would block your line if you raised queries on the issue.

Whilst buying eLearning bundles from this black market has always come with an inherent risk, buyers don’t assume that a scuffle will end with them being blocked from using EcoCash. Well, it seems like that’s exactly what happened to one buyer who shared their tale on Twitter.

The consumer says after raising concerns regarding the selling of these bundles the seller threatened to block his EcoCash account.After the consumer noted that they don’t use EcoCash, the seller then threatened to block his line and “make sure” the consumer would never recover it. The consumers line was blocked on EcoCash after their conversation and interesting to note was that whoever did it said “we barred your EcoCash account”.After going into the thread to figure out what transpired, there was yet another customer blocked by the same number;This time not only did they threaten to block this customers number, but they also promised to block SIM cards belonging to contacts who frequently contact that individual.

This means not only are Econet employees selling bundles illegally, they can also potentially block your line if you call them out.

This is not the first time that employees at Econet have been accused of dealing in shady deals. Their merchant agents caused so much pain for most people by conning them of their hard earned cash through charging exhorbitant commission fees for cashing out, outside the perimeters set out by the RBZ. The agents have since been banned and their accounts frozen

When eLearning bundles were launched and it was confirmed that you would be interfacing with Econet employees directly we raised concern. At the time we didn’t think it would result in a black market but we felt there was too much friction in the process;…there’s still some bit of friction in how this offer can be accessed, hopefully it gets smoothed out. This probably means that the plan was put together quickly after the outcry of the price revision yesterday.

Regardless of the imperfections of the system, it still is disappointing that an employee would do something of the sort. Ultimately it’s down to Econet to resolve this situation and ensure that the chaos that’s ensuing because of the eLearning bundles is resolved…

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