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Fans heartbroken over Shugeta’s mental health issues

Depression is not something to take lightly. It affects everyone including the rig and famous as well as those that are poor. Popular comedian Shugeta shocked his followers when he recently announced that he has been suffering from depression for a while. He said breaking this news had not been an easy decision but he felt it was high time for people to know.

Shugeta said he has been suffering from depression for a long time. He simply hid it under the guise of his comedy. He also claimed to have some serious things going on in his life to the extent that he contemplated committing suicide at some point. He also said he is losing it everyday.

Shugeta wrote the heartbreaking message on social media. Part of his message read,” For a long time now I have been putting on a happy mask but deep down I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted …I’m dying”. The comedian said he will be taking a retreat for a while and when he feels mentally ready, he will come back into the limelight. He asked for prayers.

Shugeta is know all over social media due to his comic skits together with Kapfupi and Marabha. He is a popular figure online. Fans said they were shocked at his confession since they have always known him to be bubbly. He has this energy and happy vibe that most people could never have imagined him to be suffering from depression. Some of his followers applauded him for being bold enough to speak out about his plight rather than taking his own life as he had considered

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