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Freeman recuperating well after surgery

Freeman recently escaped death by a whisker after undergoing surgery. The zimdancehall singer broke the news to his fans and claimed to be recovering well. Most people were not even aware that the Joina city hitmaker had been feeling under the weather.

Writing on his social media pages, Freeman said he had last performed on Nash tv in April and most people had been asking him why he had just gone quiet. He then said that he had undergone an operation after suffering from severe headaches. He expressed gratitude to those that had been praying for him.

The singer also said he had been posting pictures on social media as if everything was well in his camp. Most fans wished the artist a speedy recovery. Freeman is a household name. The artist rose to fame with his hit song Joina city. He went into release other bangers such as Handina godo and Ngaibake. His fans are mostly attracted to his smooth lyrical flow.

Freeman is also famous for his fine fashion taste. He is always dressed to kill. His recent song on the Nash nation riddim has been making waves on the musical scene. Most people said they wished him well so that he could hop back into the studio and make some great music

His fans slow live his diction with words such as “manuff” and “Magallis”. Freeman is indeed a powerful sensation and his brief absence from the music scene has been clearly felt by many. He did not give further details of his operation but said it had been successful. His recent show alongside Sandra Ndebele is also proof that the singer is no longer in the red

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