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“He drinks bron clear, has failed to buy his son toys”. Moira Knight drops damning V11’s on Seh Calaz as they go their separate ways

Seh Calaz and Moira Knight have called it quits. The couple took to social media to air out their dirty laundry and the resultant break up.

The whole saga started early this week when Moira threatened to expose her zimdancehall husband for who she claimed to be. She said he is a drug addict who regurlaly binges on bron clear and alcohol and yet pretends to be a role model. She also shared some pictures of bottles of alcohol and whisky stashed in a cupboard.

Moira was clearly not done with her husband. She pulled out all the V11’s much to the amusement of social media users. Moira claimed that Seh Calaz loved to live a fake life. Among other things she said he was unable to buy their son toys or somewhere to sleep, had failed to replace their sofas that were now torn and she even shared pictures and that they were living in general poverty. Moira also said they had been served with an eviction notice and blamed her husband for failing to build his own house. She said his money was spent on alcohol and trying to buy flashy things to appease his fans at the expense of his family.

Seh Calaz responded to the allegations by saying that he would not shame his wife on social media. He, however, made it clear that the two had split. He did not even address the claims that he had run away from home. The two met in the UK and dated for a number of years before getting married. Most people have reprimanded the couple for failing to solve their matter in private.

Seh Calaz is a well known zimdancehall artist. He has released songs such as Handikendenge and Bholato bholato. Things seemed to be rosy between him and his wife. Fans expressed shock when they learnt of his marital woes

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