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“Hello Mwari” frenzy dominates

Jah Master has been trending lately with his latest song Hello Mwari. The song has proved that the zimdancehall sensation is indeed gifted at his craft. The simplicity implored in the video and the way that he just flows naturally have both made the song one the best releases of 2020.

Jah Master put on his very best when he made the song. It is a direct call to the almighty himself as he seems audience with God. Jah Master laments the treatment that he receives at the hands of some people and pleads for help. He also claims that they want to take away his talent. The song has had a huge impact on social media and is currently topping the charts on radio.

Hello Mwari is on the Nash tv riddim. Music lovers have been going crazy over Jah Master’s latest offering. Social media handles and WhatsApp statuses have been flooded with the statement Hello Mwari. Even ordinary pictures of little kids holding phones or high ranking officials on a call have been captioned Hello Mwari. The trend has reached so many people and Jah Master is clearly the man of the moment.

The singer is famous for wearing his signature torn trouser and cross belts. He usually walks around shirtless. His other songs such as Mabhanduru have also been hits. Hello Mwari seems to have set a new high standard in musical circles. The artist has also proven his worth.

Many artists have been trying out their luck at the Nash tv riddim but Jah Master has set his own bar very high.

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