Hopewell Chin’onos new bid to gain freedom hits a brickwall

Hopewell Chin’onos fresh bid to gain freedom recently hit a brick wall when he was denied bail by the high court. High court judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi refused to grant the outspoken journalist bail citing many reasons among them that he is a danger to society. Chin’ono had been deniee bail at the lower court and had appealed to the high high court.

The award winning journalist is facing charges of inciting public violence. He was fingered as one of the master minders of the botched 31 July protest. He was later arrested before the planned event together with an MDC activist.

Chin’ono will now have to languish in prison as he waits for his trial to commence. Images circulating on social media showed the journalist looking comfortable as he made his way to a police van. His lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa also confirmed the development.

Chin’ono’s plight drew the attention of many resulting in a #Free Hopewell movement on social media

Bail is a constitutional right that is afforded to every person. There are however certain limitations such as the likelihood to abscond, endangerment to the public and the likelihood to commit further offences. Most people have been denied bail on these grounds. Although most people had rooted for the journalist to get bail, they were slapped with hard reality that it is not a walk in the park.

Some are truly convinced that the journalist will be acquitted of the charges should his trial commence

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