“I’m as single as a dollar sign and I’m not looking for change” Sabastian Magacha sets the record straight

Gospel musician Sabastian Magacha has made it very clear that he is single. The dark faced singer recently revealed on social media that he is not dating anyone at the moment. He remarked,” I’m as single as a dollar and I’m not looking for change”. The catchy remark caught many ladies off guard that had been prying their eyes on the singer.

Magacha and his wife went their separate ways last year. The singer has been busy with his music projects and fashion interests. He recently released a single that is currently topping the airwaves. It appears as if Magacha has thrown himself so much into his work such that dating is not his top priority.

Some ladies expressed disapointment at his unwillingness to date. Others begged him to give love q chance. Several comments of approval were also posted on his social media pages. Magacha is an award winning artist whose music has healed many. He has released songs such as Bhosvo and Rumbidzwai.

Magacha sent social media into overdrive early this year when his nude picture surfaced on the internet. It was taken during a video call. This could have put a dent to his career as a gospel musician but it seems his loyal fans still stand by him as evidenced by the response to his latest song.

Magacha has a unique voice and his lyrics have been said to be uplifting. The talented artist must have peace of mind knowing that he is not committed to anyone at the moment. He is really enjoying the single life. His sentiments have however dissapointed those ladies that had their sights set on him

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