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Jah Master gets US 1000 dollars from Nash tv

Jah Master was recently handed over US 1000 dollars after his song Hello Mwari clinched the top position on the Nash tv competition. The zimdancehall chanter was all smiles as he scooped the coveted prize money from Nash tv. His hit track Hello Mwari got over a million views beating other top contenders.

Nash tv invited artists to try out their skills on the Nash nation riddim. They even dangled a carrot by offering US 1000 dollars to the song that got the most views. Other musicians such as Mai Titi came through with survivor, Freeman with Muface wangu and several others. Hello Mwari emerged the most liked song as evidenced by the number of views.

Music lovers were excited to learn that Jah Master had eventually won the competition. Known for his catch phrase,”mabhanduru”, Jah Master has since become a household name. His lyrical flow and confidence have made him a fan favorite.

Hello Mwari is a direct call to God for protection from enemies. Even the religious type can identify with this song. People are especially in love with the video. Jah Master clearly nailed his performance. His unapologetic and yet simple dance moves coupled with a hint of simplicity have made this song a hit

Some artists such as Mutsa have even done cover songs of the original Hello Mwari. The song has attracted so much attention and the phrase “Hello Mwari” has become very common. Jah Master has previously released songs such as 45_50 matune and a corona single. Fans love his ripped trousers and cross belts

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