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Jah Prayzah and son spark social media movement

Jah Prayzah and his son might have unwillingly started a social media movement of celebrities and their kids being brought into the limelight. After his son Mukudzeyi jnr released his song Rovai Ngoma last week, social media users have been comparing this father-son duo to other celebrities who are grooming their kids to follow in their footsteps.

Mai Titi was the first target. Her daughter Titi has been causing waves on social media with amazing acting skills just like her mother. Titi is is indeed exceptionally talented. She often posts some videos doing some little motivational talks. At such a young age, she is simply amazing.

Titi is also endowed with great dance skills. She clearly inherited her mother’s genes. Mai Titi is known for her catchy dance moves. Titi often posts videos of herself dancing along to some famous songs and she always captivates with her well choreographed moves. Social media users have been voting on the celebrity grooming their kid in the best way.

Another celebrity who was drawn into the comparison is zimdancehall chanter Enzo ishall. Apart from having some locks like his popular father, speculation is high that Enzo might want to include his son in some of his projects. He has been spotted on one or two of his videos and this has given rise to rumours that he is being trained for the music industry like his father.

Of course, there has been concerns about the way parents often force their kids to follow in their footsteps without considering the child’s own interests. It is not known whether these celebrities are simply thrusting their kids into the limelight without giving this notion a thought. This is not a new phenomenon. Musicians such as Andy Brown, Oliver Mtukudzi and Simon Chimbetu all managed to support their children as they followed in their footsteps

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