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KVG gets yet another endorsement

KVG is not backing down. The television and radio personality is riding on a crest wave of success. It seems companies are clamouring for her attention to make her their brand ambassador. KVG announced that she is now an ambassador of Chicken slice. She will be promoting their grill and burger section.

Indeed the bubbly presenter is the ideal candidate for such a job. She has great marketing skills and her sweet, melodious voice appeals to many. A brand such as Chicken slice can certainly take advantage of her skills. KVG announced yet another endorsement a few months ago for a solar company. It seems our dear sister is dominating the waves

Fans congratulated the presenter on reaching yet another milestone in her career. Most of them attributed her success to her hard work and consistency. Fellow celebrities such as Lorraine Guyo also cheered her on. KVG is a popular face on both radio and television. She recently part ways with her long time radio patner on Star Fm Phathisani. The two hosted a drive time show together which had listeners engaged every week day.

Although the presenter did not give out my h details about her new deal, speculation is high that it is set to give her good benefits. Chicken slice is a good franchise owned by Tawanda Mutyebere. It has several branches all over the country. The grill and burger section was recently launched

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