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Local transgender finally getting the big chop

Queen of controversy, Tatelicious has revealed her next body project. The loud mouthed influencer and a member of the LGBT community said she is now going for the big chop. Since transitioning into a woman, Tatelicious kept her male reproductive organ. She has since announced that she will be undergoing surgery so that it can be removed and she can fully transform into a woman.

Tatelicious sounded very excited as she shared the news on her social media handles. She said she will finally get to feel like a complete woman. She, however, had one request before the big surgery. Tatelicious said she would want to sire at least two children before surgery. She asked women interested in carrying her babies to get in touch with her. Tatelicious already has one child.

The queen’s fans said they felt happy for her and that her dream of becoming a real woman was finally coming true. Others, however, feigned ignorance at the news.

Tatelicious is quite popular for her sharp tongue and for speaking out her mind. She has had several confrontations with fellow celebrities such as Mai Titi and Pokello. Indeed she knows a thing or two about taking jabs at others. She is also outspoken about her HIV status and often encourages people to embrace their status.

The excitement that Tatelicious had over the news clearly shows that she has really longed for this surgery for a long time. While it is rather a touchy issue in Zimbabwe, Tatelicious has had to stand her ground

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