Lockdown restrictions eased

There has been relief over the recently announced relaxation of lockdown restrictions. After some weeks of a heavily guarded lockdown, government has announced a few twitches and changes much to the relief of business owners and the general population. Due to an increase in the number of covid 19 reported cases, some strict conditions had been out in place to try and curb the spread of the virus.

It was announced that businesses could now close at 16.30 hours as opposed to 15.00 hours. This means businesses now have the chance to get a few extra bucks given the added time.

The curfew which was from 6pm to 6am has also been extended to 8pm-6am. The curfew had caused a lot of pains for the general public and those that use public transport. After finishing work at 3 pm, most people were failing to get transport back home and they ha to walk back home at times. This meant breaking the curfew. There were several reports of people being arrested or assaulted by soldiers and the police for walking after 6pm. The added hours will surely benefit those that are struggling to get transport back home.

Another condition that was added is that all public transport drivers will have to undergo a regular covid 19 PCR test. This must have been imposed as a result of reported cases of Zupco drivers testing positive for the virus. This will also ensure that the general public transport users are safe.

The most exciting announcement was that those returning to the country from other countries are no longer required to undergo the mandatory 21 day quarantine at designated centres. If they are tested and they are found to be negative, they may go to their homes but are advised to maintain social distance. Those that test positive will have to go to quarantine centres.

Public transport buses will also be allowed a dedicated lane at roadblocks to expedite their passage. This will certainly ease the inconveniences that were being faced by bus users. Everyone had to dismount from the bus at roadblocks, have their letters checked and then go back inside at every police stop

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