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Madam boss announces latest project

Madam boss has revealed her latest project. The comedian is in the process of refurbishing her offices. Barely a year after opening her doors to the public, she felt it was time for a make over. The comedian sounded excited as she shared the news.

Madam boss was even more excited because the offices are being refurbished with the help of her husband who runs a carpentry company. His company is called Touch of Class furnitures and offers state of the art equipment. Madam boss took this opportunity to market her husband’s work.

Madam boss opened her boutique last year. Several celebrities flocked to the shop to witness her new range of stock including make up and clothes. Fans said they are eagerly awaiting to see the new and improved offices.

Madam boss has been riding high this year. Unlike fellow celebrities who can barely survive die to the lockdown, the comedian has managed to make a success of her career. She even launched an online marketing hub called Hustlers table with Madam boss.

She also has other projects in the bag. Madam boss is a brand ambassador for various companies including Trade kings and Nyaradzo. It is her great marketing skills and appealing nature that attracts companies to her like a magnet. She has also maintained her humility in spite if having achieved so much in her career.

The comedian works hand in hand with her husband Ngoni who doubles as her script writer apart from co starting in her productions.

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