Madam boss applauded for treating her maid with respect

Madam boss has received standing ovation from her fans for treating her maid with respect and love. The comedian, a former maid herself, was recently commended for showing so much dignity and respect to her housemaid known as Mai Bee. Fans said they always find it hard to comprehend the relationship between the two.

Mai Bee is often cast into some of Madam boss’ comic skits. In a recent video, fans ha the chance to catch a glimpse of Mai Bee’s bedroom which is fully furnished and has state of the art bedroom furniture. Some said they actually thought the scene had been taken in Madam boss’ bedroom only to wake to the realisation that it was actually a maid’s room.

The issue also sparked a social media debate with some women saying this is what they actually strive for when they employ maids. Others, however, commented that a maid is not to be taken as a relative and there ought to be boundaries between a maid and the employer.

Madam boss probably treats her maid with so much love because she was once a maid herself. The comedian often highlights the plight of maids in Zimbabwe. Last year, she sent social media into overdrive when she did a video showing a maid doing some laundry and washing the employer’s underwear. This sparked outrage and most people said the video has served as a wake up call to the way some maids are being treated in some households.

Madam boss is one of the most influential people on social media with a lot of followers and her exemplary leadership has been applauded by many

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