Mai Titi opens can of worms on artists buying fake followers

Comedian and singer Mai Titi has opened a can of worms about how some artists are allegedly buying followers. She said most artists who have songs that get extremely high views and ratings are in the business of buying fake followers from some unscrupulous internet geeks who sell such for a fee.

Mai Titi reffered to the act as “kuzvifonera” and said some artists are riding on false fame. Although the comedian did not name any particular singer who is buying fake followers, her sentiments sparked a lot of speculation. Some fingers pointed at Jah Prayzah and some people commented that his son had become an internet sensation overnight following the release of his song Rovai ngoma.

The issue of buying views is not a new phenomenon. Even some international celebrities have been accused of buying non existent followers to boost their popularity. The current competition on Nash tv to award the song with the highest views might have prompted some artists to resort to this shady system.

Mai Titi also shared a WhatsApp conversation she has with a person that approached her in a bid to try and sell her some followers. The singer declined the offer but thought it prudent to raise awareness on what happens behind the scenes

Mai Titi’s song Survivor is doing very well on Nash tv. Hello Mwari by Jah Master is leading the pack with over a million views. People are anxious to know those with real views and those who have done otherwise to get better mileage

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