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Mai Titi receives major backlash after clapping back at follower

Mai Titi does not put on brakes when it comes to clapping back at what she perceives to be negative comments. The comedian was at it again recently when an unsuspecting followers bore her wrath. The follower had commented rather positively that the comedian and singer has done a good job on the Nash nation riddim

The follower said although she was not a fan of the singer, she had been impressed by the level of excellence in the song Survivor and had encouraged Mai Titi keep on pressing. The response, Mai Titi said she did not care whether the follower was a big fan or not and had not even asked. The follower was perplexed and asked how things had escalated so quickly.

Mai Titi has received major backlash for her response. Some have argued that she ought to treat other people with respect and respond in a polite manner. This is not the first time that the comedian has been reprimanded for failing to control her temper. She has even replied using vulgar language in the past. Some have compared her to fellow comedian Madam boss who is usually polite even after having negative insults hurled at her. At times she simply laughs off negative comments.

Mai Titi has since become a topical subject on social media due to her hot temper. Some of her followers have threatened to unfollow her on her social media pages. As if the comedian would really care

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