Minister Mahendere and wife are couple goals

Minister Michael Mahendere is pretty much in love with his wife. The award winning singer had some cute words of love for his wife. Minister Mahendere shared a picture of himself and his wife over the weekend and wrote,” It’s a great feeling seeing your spouse smile and you are the source…”.

The two are indeed inseperable. They even sing together on Minister Mahendere’s tracks. They are often spotted together at events and trips. They hardly leave each other’s side. The two are a clear example of couple goals and most people have expressed admiration at their relationship.

Minister Mahendere is famous for his melodious voice and soulful tunes. Sons such as Makomborero and Makanaka Jesu have made him a household name as well as an international powerhouse. He has even managed to collaborated with several artists both locally and internationally. It is very sweet to see a person with such an amazing profile, dedicating so much attention to his wife and family

Fans were full of positive comments and encouraged the minister to continue being a loving husband. They scorned at so called men of God who are in the habit of ill treating their wives while putting on a cover in public. Some even commented that Minister Mahendere’s wife was glowing, a sign that she is being well taken care of.

Some even gave examples of failed marriages of people within church ministries such as that of pastor Branson and his wife. Minister Mahendere is among a list of people who constantly praise their wives including the likes of Passion Java and Uebert Angel. This couple is indeed blessed

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