Misred denies dating Lewis Matutu

Radio and television personality Misred has rubbished claims that she has been seeing former Zanu Pf deputy youth secretary Lewis Matutu. She said the rumours of the two dating are unfounded and meant to tarnish her image.

Misred was pictured alongside Matutu thereby sparking speculation that the two are now an item. The radio dj fumed recently on social media when a fan brought up the issue and said she is not dating him. She also said this would be her last time to speak about the issue. She said it was unfair that people could take advantage of the fact that she does not like to say much.

Misred has seen her popularity waning in the past few weeks. She was attacked left, right and centre a few weeks ago when she claimed that the human rights abuses being complained of in the media were being sensationalised. This made her one of the most talked about personalities on social media. People were angry at her and accused her of bedding Zanu PF officials hence the rumours that she has been dating Lewis Matutu. Misred later on issued an apology on her remarks.

Misred is usually mum about her personal relationships. She rarely flaunts her private details to the public. It is not uncommon to have people prying into your private life when you are a public figure and Misred is no exception.

Misred is a famous face on television and she has hosted several events. She is also quite popular on radio making her one of the few female personalities to penetrate the media industry with such a heavy force

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