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Mudiwa claims he can be Finance minister

Rapper Mudiwa Hood had to vigorously defend his intellectual acumen. This was after someone tweeted that the recent appointments being made in cabinet could end up with Mudiwa being made a finance minister. This ironic tweet did not go down very well with the rapper. Mudiwa said he could actually be a finance minister.

Responding to the tweet Mudiwa wrote, “That would not be a bad choice sir, consider I have distributed thousands of free grants on sosho of my own money since lockdown and having a first class masters in Finance, to a bachelor in ecoz…and 4 years experience as a banker…ndochiruka chinhu ichi chakanaka mnandi..”. Mudiwa might have just started a social media war with some people saying he is willing to bite more than he can chew.

The hip hop singer is no stranger to controversy. He was recently under fire for befriending two sworn enemies. His association with prophet Passion Java on one hand has been questioned over his association with Ginimbi on the other hand. His authenticity as a rapper has also been under scrutiny for some time while others regurlaly question the source of his income which he so loves to flaunt. Mudiwa also faced personal misfortune recently when his beautiful wife Angelica fled and left him with their newborn son

With the current economic crisis, some people said Mudiwa ought to tread carefully and know his limitations.

Mudiwa’s confidence might however land him a top position within the finance ministry.

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