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Seh Calaz pulls a shocker, buys fellow artist a car

A few days after trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, Seh Calaz has pulled a shocker. The Mabhanditi hitmaker has been accused by his wife Moira Knight of failing to take care of her and their son. His recent stunt has left many people dry mouthed. Seh Calaz recently purchased a car for fellow zimdancehall singer Tipsy.

It came as a massive surprise to most people when Tipsy posted on Facebook that his mentor and long time friend had gifted him with a ride, a VW Beetle. He said he had been shocked by the gesture. Tipsy wrote,” I didn’t dream but a dream came true today. I got a present from my big brother Boss Yala. And it’s no ordinary present, a car…”. The young artist was clearly excited as he shared the news. He also said that people misjudged Seh Calaz because they do not know his true character. He said the singer has a big heart.

There has however been a lot of backlash following the incident. Some people have comes guns blazing at Seh Calaz for flaunting his money on things other than his family. The photos of their living quarters shared by Moira painted a picture of a pathetic personal lifestyle. Even Moira hinted that the singer was in the habit of showing off fancy clothes on social media when he could not even buy his own son some toys. She also said he is a habitual drug user who binges on Bron clear and alcohol.

Another thing that caught the attention of most people is the sofa that Moira posted and said her husband had failed to replace it. The worn out piece of material has since become a subject on social media. It is no wonder most people were puzzled when Tipsy announced that the singer had bought him a car.

Seh Calaz has since gone separate ways with his wife Moira. He refused to answer to her allegations of failing go provide for his family.

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