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Social media reacts to Lady Squanda’s frail figure

Social media has been flooded with remarks of shock and disbelief at Lady Squanda’s new look. The zimdancehall chanter recently stepped out looking quite frail and svelte. She had been off the limelight for a while but when she recently re emerged from her hibernation, she showed some drastic changes to her body leaving most of her fans questioning whether she is feeling alright.

Lady Squanda has always been known as a heavily built woman with curves. That stature, coupled with her lyrical flow and bad girl attitude earned her so much respect within zimdancehall circles. The now fragile looking diva is a far cry from the curvy and big boned woman that fans were accustomed to.

Lady Squanda is one of the few female singers who played a major role in the development of zimdancehall music. Songs such as “Ndinovhaira” made her a household name. She was able to penetrate the music industry and show case her talent without any fear. At one point she claimed she wanted to represent the country at the infamous Big Brother Africa. Such a ballsy attitude propelled her to the top.

Fans have expressed concern at her new look. While others have defended her new figure saying she is probably dieting and losing the weight willingly, others have questioned whether she might have fallen victim to drugs. Lady Squanda remains one of the best in dancehall music. The artist is yet to respond to the queries from her fans on the status of her health

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