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Social media users draw comparison between Mai Titi and Brenda Fassie

People have been drawing comparison between Mai Titi and Brenda Fassie. The striking similarities between the two is astonishing. They could easily pass off as twin sisters. Social media users have been getting excited at seeing Mai Titi’s look alike. Brenda would have probably been impressed to see someone who looks just like her had she been alive.

Some said it is not only the facial features that are similar but the characters of the two celebrities. Brenda Fassie was a free spirited person. She was not bothered by negativity and lived her life on the edge. Such can be said for Mai Titi who often delivers heavy clap backs on social media trolls.

Just like Brenda Fassie, Mai Titi also has amazing singing and dancing skills. Brenda blew away fans in the 90’s with impressive dance skills and her melodious voice. Likewise Mai Titi is currently dominating the airwaves with hit songs such as Survivor and Utange neni. Her stage presence is simply electric. Some social media users have lamented the fact that fate never allowed the two ladies to encounter each other. They could have probably worked on a project together, one that would have taken the continent by storm.

The two even have similar body structures. Brenda Fassie was slender in build like Mai Titi. She also had a physique that would turn heads wherever she travelled. Well, we suppose Brenda Fassie fans can satisfy their appetite of seeing the late star when they catch a glimpse of Mai Titi.

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