Son of high court judge suffers mental illness after being implicated in a murder

There have been reports that Munyaradzi Mawadze, son to high court judge, Garainesu Mawadze is suffering from mental illness. He is a suspect in the murder of prominent Harare phone dealer, Sypho Mncube. According to the state and police statement, Munyaradzi and his co-accused, Elvin Dongo Saungweme and Dylon Balani implicated each other in the murder of Sypho.

They are alleged to have robbed his phones before proceeding to stab him and dump his body in a bush in Ruwa.Munyaradzi is currently out of custody on bail. He is said to be suffering from some form of mental disturbance.His mental breakdown has been linked to the rituals done by Sypho’s family after burying him. A video circulated on social media showing Sypho’s family invoking his spirit to rise up and take vengeance on his killers. Soon afterwards, reports emerged that Munyaradzi’s father, Judge Mawadze was involved in a number of mysterious events which almost claimed his life.

One of the late Sypho’s colleagues who sold phones at the post office confirmed that Munyaradzi Mawadze and his accomplices have lost their minds.“The guys who did this vakurwara nebrain and I think they deserve it,” said Ronnie.

However some think it is a ruse by the judge’s son, so as to delay trial as he would be deemed unfit to stand trial. News of the murder left many people tongue tied and there was outrage when Munyaradzi was granted bail.

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