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Struggling artists to receive relief package

There has been relief for struggling artists following the launch of a relief program to empower artists by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. The director of NACZ Nicholas Moyo said artists struggling due to covid 19 access the relief fund which was established by the government assist players in the creative industry.

Most artists have been struggling to make ends meet during this difficulties period. Cancellation of shows and live performances has left most of them stranded with virtually no source of income. Ex Q remarked a few weeks ago that he had hit hard times due to the pandemic. He said most artists like himself were barely able to feed their families.

Mr Moyo said artists should apply for the relief fund. He confirmed that some artists were already in the process of applying. He however did not disclose the amount of money that each artist would get.

Online shows have now become a common trend as artists try to earn a living. Shows such as “Gara mumba iwe” and Nash tv sessions have offered hope for some artists but yet again it is not enough to eradicate their plight. Last month, another singer Diana Samkange also made a plea for help to Nash t.v citing poor living conditions. The most worrying part is that no one knows when the pandemic will end.

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