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Stunner dishes out advice on staying safe from covid 19

Stunner had some sound words of advice. The rapper seems to have recovered from his recent illness which landed him in hospital. Looking dapper in some boxers with a glass of wine in hand, the hip hop star took time to dish out some advice.

Stunner said it was disturbing that some people were not taking the issue of the covid 19 pandemic seriously. He expressed shock at the people who came to see him while he was laying on his hospital bed during such a critical time, without even knowing what he was suffering from. He said he had never allowed anyone to come into his ward for fear of contamination.

Stunner also said it was deplorable that some people were now in the habit of hosting house parties to substitute bars. He encouraged fans to stay at home and practice safety precautions. He claimed that the biggest mistake was people thinking they can never catch the virus from people they know or rich people. He said this sad reality has cost the lives of many.

Stunner seems to be back on track and he confirmed that he is now fit and staying safe at home. The rapper had his followers worried recently after it emerged that he had been hospitalized.

Stunner is well known in the music industry and has churned groundbreaking hits such as Ghetto Chronicles. His recent success was collaboration with a Malawian and Zambian rapper

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