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Stunner tells of his near death experience in new song

Hip hop artist Stunner has opened up about his near death experience in a new song. The rapper said he felt it was necessary to write about his ordeal which almost sent him ten feet down.

The song is titled “Ndakarhosva rufu”. Stunner gives a detailed account o how he fell sick and had to be hospitalized. He thanked the almighty for saving his life. Stunner is well known in hip hop circles and has released songs such as Ghetto Chronicles. He recently collaborated with Zambian and Malawian rap star and the song has been dominating the charts.

Stunner’s hospitalisation set tongues wagging when some people started making claims that he was broke and failing to pay medical bills. He later responded and said all was well in his camp. Stunner is popular for his good looks. The singer often brags about his looks.

The new song has been hailed by the rapper’s fans as a great, emotional hit. Some have confessed that it speaks to dealing with tough situations in life. Stunner also made the headlines a few months ago when his wife made claims that the rapper was in the habit of raping her younger sister. It was only after some medical tests were done that the singer was cleared of the allegations.

Some of the singer’s fans have branded him as having the nine lives of a cat considering what he has been through this year and how he has emerged victorious

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