This celebrity is struggling to homeschool

Madam boss, like every other parent has been crying foul over the pains of homeschooling. The comedian recently aired her frustrations on the challenges she is facing in getting her daughter to participate in school related staff at home. The lockdown has indeed caused a lot of disruption to school going kids especially those at primary level who find it hard to focus without a proper classroom setup and a teacher.

Madam boss revealed that her daughter Miki was in the habit of leaving school meetings. She claimed that whenever she leaves her daughter in a session she usually finds her playing around their study when she returns.

Her plight is not new. Most parents are struggling to get their kids into the learning groove following the early closure of schools in March. Some young learners have actually forgotten what they were taught at school. School which was set to open last month failed to commence due to a spike in covid 19 cases. It would have been too risky to expose school going children to the virus. The country now has over 4000 confirmed cases of the virus.

Some schools have been offering online classes while for some learners they will only see pen and paper when school opens.

Miki is the only child of Madam boss and her husband Ngoni.

The comedian also took the opportunity to show off their new study room. Being a brand ambassador for a furniture company such as Lifestyle centre clearly comes with all the perks as evidenced by the study room which is adorned with state of the furniture

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