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This is how celebrities welcomed the month of August

Celebrities have embraced the beginnings of the month of August with new resolutions. As the year draws to an end, some celebrities took to social media to highlight their aspirations for the rest of the year. Madam boss wrote the following, New month, new beginnings, new mindset, new focus,new start, new intentions and new results. The comedian has been doing very well. This year alone, she managed to clinch deals with various companies and rolled out an online platform to help small businesses thrive called hustlers table with Madam boss.

South African actress Pasi Koetle popularly known for her role as Dineo in Scandal, also welcomed the new month in style. She shared an image of herself looking elegant and all dolled up in a mini pleated skirt and matching blazer.

Mai Titi also stepped out in style as she celebrated the first Sunday of August. The comedian has a lot to appreciate this year, from trending online to having her song premiered on Trace Africa. She has been doing very well in her industry.

Vimbai Zimuto gave new meaning to the start of August with a blazing hot image. The singer looked gorgeous in this red leather bodysuit and block heels. August might probably be her time to make a fashion statement.

Newly married Vimbai Mutinhiri also took to social media to welcome the new month of August. In her signature pink attire, the media mogul looked absolutely gorgeous.

August marks the end of winter and most celebrities have expressed optimism that things will work for the better this month

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