Wife of famous DJ dies after hospitals refuse to admit her for not having covid 19 results.

The pathetic state of affairs at hospitals is causing so much pain for most people. The recent victim of a discunctional health system is the wife of Judgement Yard’s I-Randu’s who died after being turned away from a hospital for not having COVID-19 results. It is indeed sad news to hear. Even after the newly elected health minister warned hospitals against turning away patients because they do not have covid 19 results, the practice in reality is still that people are being turned away

She was in Zimbabwe and was turned away when she went to the hospital just because she had no COVID-19 results.I-Randu wrote an emotional post on his Facebook account as he castigated the current government. He lashed out and stated,”My wife passed on last week Thursday but the sad part is that l am certain she could be with us right now if she was not in Zimbabwe where the health system is completely out of order & mismanaged. When her situation deteriorated, She was rushed to hospital & the hospital said they can’t do anything until she has a COVID test, They tested her & told her to come back for the results after 5 hours When she returned home to wait for the results that’s when she lost her life.
I can only imagine how many other people have died or are going to die under similar circumstances.
& then you hear some idiots praising the current leadership. Are we cursed or are generally weak-minded people?
Zimbabwe we Need the Lord to intervene. We are under siege. Tiri Pama one!

He was clearly angry and this is sadly one of the many cases of people dying and failing to access health care. There are so many anomalies within the health sector. There is an acute shortage of blood at the National blood bank with some blood not being sold to the public and being reserved for families of high profile people such as ministers. Most hospital equipment is also discunctional and major hospitals are currently not admitting patients due to the ongoing nurses strike.

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