Young Zimbabwean soccer star gunned down in South Africa

A promising young soccer star had his life ruthlessly cut off in South Africa. Tadiwanashe Kuhuni who originally hails from Kadoma was gunned down as he sat in his coach’s car in South Africa. The unidentified gunmen sprayed bullets on him and his colleague aged 24.

There has been outrage over the senselessly murder of the young star whose future in soccer was bright and promising. He was only 17. The fact that he was killed in cold blood for no apparent reason has led to massive outrage. Others have labelled it a xenophobic attack. Many people have lost their lives in similar gun attacks in South Africa.

There have also been a lot of reported cases of people being gunned down especially women. It seems the lockdown and covid 19 pandemic has worsened issues of violence. There is speculation that the gunmen might have been after the coach rather than the young lad

Most people expressed anger at the murder. To have the football fraternity robbed of such fresh, young talent had really hit most people hard. It has not been established what the motive for the murder was. It is also yet to be ascertained whether the people that committed the offence where random strangers or known to the victims.

South Africa has a high crime rate as compared to other countries in Africa. The level of criminal activity is alarming

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