Another teenager grabbed by mermaids at the Blue dam

The community of Kambuzuma was left reeling in shock after a 15 year old boy drowned while swimming in what is known as the Blue dam. Don Kuwana was allegedly grabbed by mermaids as he took a leisurely swim in the dam. He was a form three student at St Mary’s Magdalene in Nyanga.

The unfortunate incident occurred while he was swimming with friends at the mysterious dam. They claimed that they tried to pull him out of the water when they woke up to a realisation that he was now drowning but he seemed to be pulled by an unseen force hence the speculation about mermaids.

Don’s father said he was devastated at the tragic event and said that he had always warned his son about going to swim at the dam. His warnings clearly fell on deaf ears as the young boy continued visiting the dam where he ultimately met his tragic fate. He also said another boy had drowned last year at the dam.

Speaking to a local publication, Don’s father stated,”I am really hurt by this death and I don’t know what to say over this…My son is gone and he has been a bright some who was ready for form four next year”. The dam is notorious for having mermaids in it. Don’s family had conducted a ritual with some members of the apostolic sect on the night that he drowned. They had spent the night singing and performing some rituals in anticipation that the boy would resurface. Strangely enough, when his body was retrieved with the intervention of the sub aqua unit, the teenager had blood oozing out his nostrils. This was very strange considering that he had spent the whole night under water. Some people said it could have been caused by the intervention of the sub aqua unit who had got in the way of the rituals

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