Bushiri vs Mboro: War of the prophets escalates

Two South African prophets are at each other’s throats. Prophet Bushiri is suing fellow prophet Mboro for defamation after the latter accused him of stealing from his congregants. Their case is set to be heard today at the court. Mboro accused Bushiri of swindling his very own congregants of millions of rands after luring them to invest in some scheme.

Social media has been flooded with stories from various people who had invested their hard earned money in the business scheme by Bushiri. They said they have not received their returns on investments. Mboro also said some of the congregants who had invested their money had approached him to explain their predicament. He said his comment that Bushiri was stealing from congregants stemmed from these consultations.

Bushiri is not hearing any of it and has taken the man of cloth court. Some have commented that Bushiri is simply trying to outsmart Mboro since the two have history together. It is believed that Bushiri had made earlier claims that Mboro was selling pictures of heaven after claiming to have gone to heaven in person, an allegation that could have seen Mboro filing his own defamation claim against Bushiri.

The two prophets have had their own fair share of controversy over the years. Bushiri has had rape allegations levelled against him on various occasions while Mboro’s unothordox means of healing have raised eyebrows. Most people are anxious to see how the court case will pan out

Speaking to Etv news, prophet Mboro said Bushiri was conning people and that he had merely commented on what he had been told by Bushiri’s own church congregants. He also made it clear that he is not perturbed by the case against him

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