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Celebs that rock an Afro

Most black people have come to embrace their natural hair. Unlike in previous years when stepping out in your own natural hair was viewed as a sign of being poor and failing to afford something more glamorous, the natural hair movement has become a common phenomenon. Here are some celebrities who can rock a mean afro

1 Van Choga
The “Pindikiti” hitmaker has been causing waves on the music scene not only because of his strange video antics but for his lush, dark hair as well. Van Choga has a long and dark crown that most people would crave for.

2 Butterfly
She occasionally puts on some braids or other styles but it is her natural crown that we love. The radio and television personality often spices up her fro by adding some colour.

3 Pokello
Pokello has rocked her own hair for years. She rarely puts on wigs. To give her hair an extra edge, Pokello shaves off the sides.

4 Mai Titi
The comedian looks gorgeous in her short, cropped hair. Mai Titi also experiments with different colours and textures.

5 Nutty O
Dancehall sensation Nutty O has lovely hair. He could easily pass off as a woman due to his soft textured hair and cornrows that he so much loves

Boss pumacol
Pumacol also has long hair that he usually goes into two piggy twists. The singer is very proud of his crown.

7 Ammara Brown
The singer has some beautiful and luscious hair that most stylists would want to run their fingers through. She mainly focused on styles that add volume and depth to her hair.

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