#Clicks must fall gains momentum

The black population in South Africa has taken to the streets to air out their grievances against a recent advert by Clicks. The shampoo ad described black women’s hair as dry and damaged while white women’s hair on the other hand was described as smooth and flat. The sentiment led to a social media eruption of anger and Clicks had to remove the post from their social media platforms. They even issued an apology and claimed that the racist connotations arising from the advert were not intentional

The apology has however done nothing to quell the tempers of angry black South Africans. Images circulating on social media show people vandalising and burning Clicks shops all over South Africa. A #Clicks must fall campaign has been started and people are clearly angry at the way Clicks handled the matter.

The movement is being led by political party EFF and Clicks will probably have to eat even more humble pie and issue another apology if they want nomalcy to return to their day to day shop operations. Some have taken to social media to open up about their experiences at the store. One social media user said the staff at most Clicks stores give first preference to white customers at the expense of the black population. The scathing attack on the store and its credibility has certainly put a dent on its reputation. It is believed Clicks will lose a lot of customers due to their advert.

With over 700 stores in South Africa alone, having a damaged reputation will certainly have a huge financial impact on the brand. Clicks sells a wide range of products ranging from cosmetics, baby wear, hair products and even toys among other things

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