Company scandals that rocked Zimbabwe in 2020

Some companies found themselves under the spotlight for various reasons. We compile a list of companies that had scandalous moments.

1 Drax international
This company stirred up the emotions of many people when it was accused of swindling covid 19 funds. According to reports, Drax had been sub contracted to procure covid 19 equipment to which they inflated figures thereby prejudicing the state of millions of US dollars. The scandal sucked in former health minister Obadiah Moyo who was immediately arrested and relieved of his duties. The case against Drax international is yet to go to trial

2 Dendairy
The company received bad publicity following reports that they were selling milk that was off. A consumer said he bought a case of milk and upon opening it woke up to a realization that it was off. He later on went to confront employees at Dendairy who turned him away. He went on a social media rant and said milk from Dendairy was not fit for human consumption. Another move that further enraged people is the fact that Dendairy issued a statement on the in which they never apologized. People started coming out of the closet with their bad experiences with Dendairy products leading to the company name being soiled.

3 Splash paints
An industrial action caused temporary closure of the company. Employees lamented poor working conditions and a pathetic remuneration package. The strike raged on and workers demanded better salaries and working conditions. Splash paints seemed not to heed to the calls.

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