Edith Chibhamu crushes over her new man

Dubai based businesswoman Edith Chibhamu has is clearly in love with a new man. The socialite took to social media to announce that she is now hooked to a new bae, barely half a year after she made it official that she was dating soccer star Tendai Ndoro.

Edith Chibhamu has had a couple of high profile relationships which includes, Pokello’s Ghanaian ex husband Elikem Kumordzie and footballer Tendai Ndoro.

Chibhamu took to social media to announce her new man Edward Chidziva. She wrote, “Real man pay their LOBOLA in full. It looks like we made in the midst of all storms.
You are indeed a real man and a true friend. When you said you were going to be the only true best friend I ever had I mistook you for a clown. Thank you for proving me wrong.They came they gossiped they tried they tried again and you my guy had your heart in the right place. Thank you for believing in me so much to the extent my enemies failed to penetrate in your head.A true definition of a real man who never ever listen to gossip and who always want to prove with facts himself
All i can say is thank you Jehovah for wiping my tears.
Mr Chidziva YOU THE MAN”

Edith was head over heels in love with Tendai Ndiri not so long ago. They seem to have gone their separate qays. The confirmation of their relationship was made after Edith took to social media basically asking Ndoro to confirm their relationship or lack of it thereof. She posted,”Tendai Ndoro, please sir there is a question circulating on social media platforms asking if I am your girlfriend or wife. May you answer for yourself so people can now go to rest and stop disturbing you or me in our Dm. They need to also stop calling us with too much advise. We are not kids please. Haters stop wasting your time we know exactly what we want so save your information and advise for your parents”

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