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Fans react to Master KG receiving a call from a huge American star and getting a Ferrari

South African house music sensation Master KG is having a great year. The singer recently revealed that he received a call from a very huge American music artist and that a collaboration could be on the cards. Social media users have been asking about this new development and who the big star could be but the musician has been silent on details.

Master KG has become an international sensation following the break out of the #Jerusalem challenge. The song has been viewed as a unifying force, that is brought people together during the lockdown period through dance. People from all over the world have been taking part in the challenge and sharing videos of their take on the song. Companies, fellow celebrities,professionals and politicians have been actively involved in the Jerusalem challenge.

The singer is celebrating yet another achievement to top up his fame. He recently shared a picture of his new red Ferrari. Fans were so excited for him. Master KG is alleged to have made about 5 million dollars from his music projects this year and the luxuries car is befitting.

Master KG is a household name and his songs have been hits. His collaborations with various artists such as Nomcebo have also proved his versatility. Local musician Nox Guni also partnered with the singer in the song My Melody.

The singer clearly has his God to thank for such a successful year. His songs have been trending and the #Jerusalem challenge placed him high on the world map

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