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Former ruthless cop boss living on hard times

They say what goes around comes around and a former police officer is testimony of these words. Former top cop Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge who used to command the CID Law and order section is reported to have fallen on hard times. He is living in appalling and pathetic conditions after leaving the police force.

Images trending on social media show the former police boss looking gaunt faced and he also appears to be having mental challenges. This has been said to be affecting his ability to function. After the pictures went viral, most people narrated their horrific ordeals at his hands. They said the former police boss was ruthless and instrumental in torturing suspects. They claimed that he was in the habit of abusing his position. Some even felt he deserves what he is currently going through because of the heinous acts that he did when he was still in power.

Actor and activist Silvanos Mudzvova shared an image of the former cop and captioned it with a stern warning to members of security services not to be overzealous in executing their duties. He also alleged that Makedenge had personally tortured him in front of his lawyer and is now suffering from mental problems.

Some social media users said the former police boss might have been physchologically affected by all the torture that he witnessed when he was still in power. Others thought one of his victims might have used juju on him while others said it might have been an issue of karma naturally getting back to him.

Makedenge gained prominence in 2014 when he travelled to the USA to seek information from Facebook over the identity of shadowy Facebook character Baba Jukwa. So overzealous was he at his work that he even had to employ unothordox means to get suspects to talk. He is alleged to have retired from the police force in 2019

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