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Freeman gives massive clap back to fan who dissed him about his stammer

Zimdancehall musician Freeman recently gave a massive clap back at a social media user. The person identified on social media as Joe Nyirenda was forced to eat humble pie after being shown his place by the music sensation. He had questioned how Freeman has been able to sing in spite of his stammer.

This did not go down well with the music artist who set the record straight without mincing his words. Freeman said he was born with a stammer and it is something that is beyond his control. He however clarified that he has been able to make it big in the music industry in spite of that issue and that one could not count zimdancehall heavyweights without involving his name. His response received a lot of seconding from his legion of fans who also came down guns blazing at Nyirenda. They said Freeman is one of the biggest names in the music industry and his success speaks for itself of his talent.

Freeman is indeed very influential in musical circles. He has penned down hit songs such as Joina city, Handina godo and Ngaibake. He has also collaborated with various artists including Alick Macheso. His singing prowess has seen him touring various countries and staging numerous shows.

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